Intensive Outpatient Program

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Our Intensive Outpatient Program (lasting from 6-12 weeks depending on one’s level of need) is a dual diagnosis program that utilizes scientifically supported evidence based treatment to help you achieve lasting sobriety and to help you heal from any underlying issues that lead to addiction. We treat the whole person in addition to treating the addiction.

Everyone participating in our program receives a comprehensive assessment which allows us to tailor your individualized treatment plan to your specific needs.

The IOP consists of 3 evening group therapy meetings that last 3 hours each. All participants will also receive weekly individual therapy, family therapy and individual sober coaching sessions to help you handle difficult situations that typically present themselves during early recovery.

Being an outpatient program, clients have the ability to meet important home, work and school responsibilities without having to go away for months at a time to seek treatment. Studies have shown that intensive outpatient programs have numerous benefits over residential treatment because one has the ability to experience life during the course of treatment and will learn the best ways to handle everything that life brings.

At Midwest Wellness and Recovery, we utilize a unique Trauma-Informed Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Program combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods to help you:

  • learn how to use mindfulness in recovery.
  • understand how trauma, adverse childhood experiences and mental health issues impact addiction.
  • process any traumas that exist in your past or present.
  • learn how to effectively manage cravings and urges.
  • learn how to develop or restore relationships often impacted by addiction and mental health issue.
  • learn how to think more positively.
  • learn how to cope with strong or overwhelming emotions without the use of substances or addictive behaviors.
  • work through and come to accept past regrets without dwelling on the past.
  • learn how to look towards a better future and how to live a more fulfilling, happier, sober life.
  • work through resentments.
  • be the best you.
  • learn how to accomplish the goals you set and live the life you want to live, fully present in the moment.

In addition to the above, each individual will receive treatment for any co-occurring disorders that exist such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and/or other mental health issues.

Midwest Recovery and Wellness also utilizes Motivational Interviewing and 12 Step Recovery themes to help clients develop a Relapse Prevention Plan and to form a strong sober support network to effectively maintain sobriety once they have completed our Intensive Outpatient Program.

We will also ensure that you or your loved one receive excellent follow-up as we connect you with any resources that will benefit you and your family, including psychiatric care, sober support and other community resources to ensure your lasting sobriety.

Once you complete the program you can join our aftercare group that meets once a week to help you stay on track in your sobriety. Aftercare individual treatment and sober support is also available.

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Weekly Schedule:


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

  • Group Meets 3PM-6PM


Every 4th Wednesday

  • Family Group Meets 6PM-7PM


Weekly Individual Therapy and Sober Coaching

  • By Appointment